So, as this was my last Google Code-in contest as a student hence this blog post is going to be an emotional one as well as interesting. Beginning with an introduction to GCI . Google Code-In is an annual contest to introduce pre-university students (ages 13–17) to open source software development. Since 2010, over 4500 students from 99 countries have completed work in the contest and this number is increasing every year.


XWiki is an open source software development platform based on the wiki principles, under the LGPL license. In addition to being a full-featured wiki, it is also a second generation wiki allowing effortless development of collaborative web applications. On top of this platform a plethora of applications are developed, targeted mainly on aiding enterprise-level needs.

XWiki has a vibrant community of developers and users, consisting of individual users as well as organizations around the world that are using XWiki for their own Communities or Intranets.


This year I was only able to complete 12 tasks with XWiki due to my exams but these 12 tasks were some wonderful experience of mine with open source as well as JAVA. Through these tasks I came to know about a lot more new things and learnt a lot through them. Figuring out the false positive, correcting the issues listed on SONAR, installing MAVEN and use it to refract and update the code were really amazing that I would like to cherish in my life. Though some tasks were really hard and it took me hours ( nearly 4-5) but I tried and gave my best to complete those. The Mentors were also there to help me through Riot and gave their best in making me perfect.


During the course of GCI I made new friends. One of them is Akshit Dewan from USA who helped me a lot during GCI. We had fun talks related to GCI and also helped me out in some of my tasks. Thanks a Lot! 🙂


The mentors are the heart and soul of the contest without whom the students are nothing. The mentors also worked very hard as they took out time from their personal life and helped the students in refining their task and emerge as a perfect one. Some of the mentors who really helped me throughout the contest are:



He was not a mentor for me but I’d i would rather call him as my father. He was always there to help me out throughout the contest starting from the beginning up till the end. We had fun talks like a father and a son ( the tennis one 🙂  ) , he was always there to help me though being a simple or a complex task. I would once like to meet him in my life and thank him for all the things he had done for me throughout the contest.



His mentorship would be always cherished as he was a person who would understand like a student and help them leaving his personal life aside. Whenever you call him he would always be there to help you . Thanks for everything!


Lastly, I would like tho thank all the mentors who helped me throughout the contest and made it a success. Though I was not able to complete much tasks in the contest than other students (under some circumstances ) but gave my best and worked really hard, much harder than previous years. I hope that you would appreciate my work. I would also be thankful to the mentors for accepting me in the XWiki family. As, this was my last GCI participating as a student , I would likely come forward to contribute as a mentor in years to come. Thank You XWiki for all the things you gave and a special Thanks to GCI . May the best one win the contest 🙂 !!


signing off,

yours sincerely,

Srijan Jha

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